3 Reasons that can make your child feel anxious about the preschool

Preschool is an exciting phase of the early childhood. Unfortunately, many kids feel nervous and anxious about their transit to the preschool due to number of different reasons. In these circumstances, it is essential for the parents to find the root causes and address them properly to ensure smooth preschool journey of their little ones.

If you believe your child is in similar situation, it could be due to the four following factors-

  1. Insecurity- It is obvious for the children to feel insecure when beginning their preschool because they do not know anything about the safe and pleasant environment of the school. Hence, parents must talk with their children to help them get over such issues.
  2. Fear of Teachers- Kids fail to understand that the staff of the preschool will be friendly and are there to support their learning only. Thus, your job is to tell your child about the warm school staff and maybe schedule a pre-tour to ensure that.
  3. Separation Anxiety– Many children refuse going to a preschool because they feel anxious about the separation, as they do not want to be away from their parents. Therefore, parents must practice separation prior to the preschool to avoid hassle later on.



4 Valuable factors to consider before selecting a child care center!

Selecting the right child care center can be a challenging task, especially without proper homework. Parents need to look for a place where children will not be just safe and happy, but will also get opportunities to grow better.

Therefore, before you make the final call, it is essential to consider the valuable factors such as below-

  1. Location– You should begin your search by considering the location of the center. You can pick the location based on factors such as its proximity from your home, workplace, etc. Set your priorities to select the location.
  2. Hours of Operations– It is one of the most valuable considerations, especially if you are a working parent. Timings of the center should offer you the comfort and flexibility to go to work and appointments on time.
  3. Daily Schedule– You need to know the daily schedule of the center to find the types of activities that your child will participate in. It helps you determine whether those activities are good for your child’s learning or not.
  4. Cost– It is another important consideration because different childcare centers offer their services at different price. Therefore, you need to select a center that suits your budget and other specific requirements.

How to identify a preschool that is not good for your child?

Before getting your kid enrolled in a preschool, you must identify which preschool would be the best for your child. Following are the aspects that indicate towards a preschool that might not be good for your kid –

  • Insecure and dirty environment – It is a clear indication that preschool is not good for your kid. An insecure and dirty environment can put your child’s safety and health at risk. Make sure to check their health & safety policies along with setting.
  • Dodging your questions – When you start looking for a preschool for your kid, steer clear of those educational facilities where you are not getting proper answers for your questions. If their staff members are skirting around your questions, then this might not be the right choice.
  • Few teachers for many students – During early childhood education, every child requires essential attention and care from teachers. But, if they are handling a big class, then your kid may not get proper attention. If a preschool has few educators for big classes, then saying no would be a wise decision.
  • Under-qualified or untrained teachers – Since teachers are the pillars that build a strong base for your child’s education, they must be qualified and trained. If preschool’s teachers are not trained or qualified, then sending your child to that educational facility might be a big mistake.